LJ changes
Well,I'm still here but if it gets worse at least I made a dreamwidth account years ago.

Welcome to 2016
Things are going really calm in my life.Nothing bad happened,thank god,but I want to do something new.
I spent the holidays reading old mangas and doujinshis,and there were so good memories that left me in a good mood for the new year.
I want to go back to study.I just don't know how I'll find the time for it.

Positive thinking!

Hello LJ
Sometimes I miss LJ good times. I often come here to read the old fics,when I have the time.
Babysitting my 4 years old niece is a full time job,so at the end of the day I'm exhausted.
I have 3 new books to read and a lot of fics bookmarked but there are nights I just want to read that good old fic that I almost know by heart.
That's literally me:

Art:Exhausted Nanny by Axe-Girl

wow,it's been almost three years...
Things have changed,difficult times,but my love for some things remains the same.
Coming back to old fandoms,discovering a new fandom...
I hope I have more time to have fun in 2015.
And write more!



Watching H.O.U.N.D.S
It soon became my second favorite episode,just because ASiP has a special place in my heart.I've always loved HOUN and horror movies,so it was easy to like.
I stopped breathing for a couple of seconds when I watched the MIND PALACE scene,because I have one too.Mine is like an old library.
It just made love Sherlock Holmes more.He is a cold bastard,but what can I do?He's adorable.

A Study in Relationship
I LOVED the new episode of Sherlock.It was worth the wait,for me.Beautiful cinematography,the dialogues so well written.

The way I see,it was about how Sherlock interacts with the people around him.How he cares (or chooses not to)about them in his own way.

But first the pool.When Moriarty said "I'm SO changeable" he wasn't lying.

Sherlock really is unique.Bored,melancholic,fascinated,cold reasoner,masterful.I still don't have words.Beautiful.

Irene Adler will always be a controversial character.I wouldn't make her a dominatrix,but I liked.She was naked,but it wasn't vulgar.She wants to shock,to seduce.She's clever,she knows how to play the game.To me,Sherlock was attracted to the mystery,the conundrum that was The Woman.A person that could be his match in this game.The scene when they are alone in the flat,he was fascinated with the effect he was causing in her.It was the first time he could 'read' her.It's my point of view.The "damsel in distress' cliche scene was unnecessary.He could help,save her in other ways,but I understand why he wouldn't want to see her dead.She wasn't an evil person,she's amoral.

Mycroft scared me and left me breathless.Wonderful.

John Watson.I loved all his scenes.He was perfect.Just PERFECT.He and Sherlock,they're couple,yes.In their own way.How John cares about Sherlock,how he doesn't want Irene messing with him.And he was jealous.HE was!They don't even notice how their lives are entwined.
After watching the episode a couple of times,I can't stop thinking about him.He's remarkable.

And oh god,the Canon references (John's blog!)just made my old Sherlockian heart swell with joy.

All I want to say is:MORE!

Life happens...
Hi, lj I've missed you! *HUGS*

So many things,so many emotions.I'm an aunt!Who would imagine that.It's been a month that our lives changed forever.Her name is Valentina.
After 28 hours of labor,this special baby was born.She needs a lot of care,but every day is a victory.
Later,when I was home,I curled up under my blanket.YES,I was in shock.Really.
Only now I'm updating my readings.Oh so many good stories to read.I didn't know LJ was being so problematic.

And I'm having lots and lots of fun on Tumblr.Besides fandom over there being a bitch sometimes,it's really good.

Babies,babies and more babies.What's my life now?Even when I (can) sleep,I dream of babies.GOD!!!

Baby TINA.

I miss them so much.Can't wait.So...
This video,I don't know,just says everything I think about them.Every damn time (oops,sorry)I watch I can't help ,I always end with tears in my eyes.

I just want to cuddle this video.So much love.A beautiful view of their relationship.

Yesterday I was watching these videos and it just reminded me of BAMF!John Watson.XD

Blame it on the cheap wine,chocolate and Florence and The Machine all day long.

I'm back,interwebz!

Last friday night an electrical storm(it was a beautiful thing to watch)just killed my beloved old pc.And only today my sister's friend came here to try to fix it.Now it's alive again(The Dawn Of The Dead,HAHAHAHA)!I'm happy,gonna see my flist right now.


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